A few testimonials:

“Working with Wax was fantastic. Wax are different to many consultants. Often when I appoint consultants I feel I have to do all the work, but it wasn’t like that with Wax. On the few parts where they needed input from me, they nicely kept pressure & momentum (otherwise it’s easy to get distracted with day-to-day business). We are still awaiting the result. Wax did a great job and I am happy to recommend them.”

Dupsy Abiola (CEO), Intern Avenue

Innovative Digital Data (£554k, 18month project, 45% TSB-funded)
“Again, you worked tirelessly to raise a grant which is helping us drive our business forward. I have already, and continue to recommend anyone wanting to apply for a TSB grant, to contact Wax.”

CEO, UK-based micro-enterprise, 2013. (Anonymous for confidentiality reasons)


“Wax were essential in understanding what the TSB assessors are really looking for, and in identifying which of our arguments were most likely to be seen in a positive light. Our success should certainly be credited, in large part, to their involvement.”

Dave Thompson (Director), Grab Ltd

Loowatt (£97k, 12month project)

“Wax RDC Ltd became part of our application process near the end, when we needed feedback to improve our story’s relevance and impact. Casper rapidly delivered excellent, high-value advice, with remarkably keen insights to what our evaluators would need to see, and how to rework the content accordingly. He did not shy away from telling us exactly what he thought, and the results paid off in a successful result. We’ll certainly work with Wax again and recommend seeking his input for many types of project.”

Virginia Gardiner (Director), Loowatt

“Wax provided instrumental advice to our company on a project application that was successful. Casper has strong knowledge of design and strategic thinking combined with eloquent writing skills, assets that no doubt reflect on the quality of his work. His meticulous analysis and thorough feedback showed in-depth understanding of our project; I highly recommend Wax’s advisory services.”

Fernanda Costa (Industrial Designer), Loowatt

iBrush (£165,482, 12month project, 60% TSB-funded)

“The team at Wax are remarkably talented, professional individuals. Proficient and extremely knowledgeable offering sustained support throughout their valuable and extensive services that I have personally encountered, truly a pleasure to deal with and collaborate with!”

Graham R Hodge (MIoD), W M Valves


Curated Experience for online TV (£74,894, 10month project, 75% TSB-funded)

“Just wanted to say a really big thanks for all of the hard work you and your team have put into this application. I know that this has not been an easy project to work on – mainly because of the constant toing and froing from mine and Ostmodern’s side.

I have been really impressed by the diligence that you guys have shown in making sure everything gets done to a good standard and within tight deadlines. The quality of the writing and the amount of research that clearly went into the application was exceptional and does not go without notice. Will definitely be spreading the good word about Wax RDC Ltd.”

Marcus Greenwood (CEO), Inventur.es



Informed Personal Transport (£837,771, 26month project, 50% TSB-funded)

“The Wax guys worked incredibly hard during both the project application and the project. The results speak for themselves.  Anyone considering applying to the TSB should speak with Wax.”

Andreas Zachariah (CEO),  Carbon Hero Ltd


42video (Funding application for business development)

“I needed help with a funding application for an innovative digital service – and Casper was highly recommended to me by a contact who has worked with him several times before. My deadline was close but luckily Casper was able to reschedule his work so that he could help me. He quickly identified the real needs of the application, listened to my needs and was able to work hard to help me meet my deadline. Working with Casper has taught me a lot, that I will be sure to use in future applications. I will definitely work with Casper again and recommend anyone seeking funding to contact him!”

Zee West (Director), 42video


Broadband for Rural Communities (3month project, 75% TSB-funded)

“Wax has successfully helped us to raise capital to support the development of innovative services, several times. I will work with them again and recommend Wax to others.”

Ilkka Martikainen (Managing Director), IPMM Ltd.


Innovative Digital Data (£138,292, 10month project, 60% TSB-funded)

“Through successful funding application, Wax have succeeded in helping me start and grow my business. Wax identified what needed to be done, helped me understand the issues of sustainability in my business and pulled out all the stops for me. I will definitely use Wax again and recommend them to others.”

CEO, UK-based micro-enterprise, 2012. (Anonymous for confidentiality reasons)


Business Intelligence (£32,900, 3month project, 75% TSB-funded)

“Thanks so much for all your help. You’ve gone above and beyond as always.”

CEO, Limited company, 2011. (Anonymous for confidentiality reasons)


The Veda Smart Shower (£33,300, 3month project, 75% TSB-funded)

“I gave it top marks.”

TSB Assessor, 2011 (Anonymous for confidentiality reasons)


Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2011(Finalist)

“We needed some support with writing an application for the Green Challenge 2011, and Wax were there for us. We reached the final 6, despite over 700 other entries! I recommend Wax.”

Peter Lindgren (Business Development), Carbon Hero Ltd.

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